5 reasons to sell your home for cash today!

We buy housesSelling a home for cash offers peace of mind and a solution to many problems. If you need to move very quickly and get your money much sooner, a cash as-is sale is possible in as little as five days. No matter what you’re selling, you can sell your home for cash quickly and be on your way to starting that new adventure in a brand-new home right away. No mortgage term or loan required. No complicated paperwork to fill out.

In the not-so-distant past, selling homes meant waiting until the last minute to set up financing and deal with closing. Then there were the closing costs, which could total thousands of dollars. There was also the worry that closing could set you back months or even a year, depending on where you lived. These expenses are completely eliminated when you sell your home for cash. The actual selling process takes just a few minutes and costs nothing.

In addition, once you’ve sold a home for cash, there’s no foreclosure or mortgage crisis to deal with. This is the most popular option for selling a home and it’s actually the best. With foreclosure, you still own the property until the bank takes actions (either accept the offer or reject it). With a cash offer, you sell the home and pocket the money right away, without any added fees. There’s no reason to wait and worry about the situation. Plus, there’s no mortgage to repay or closing costs to deal with either.

But the fact that there’s no closing or mortgage payment to deal with could make selling your home fast an even easier process. Most people who need to sell their home fast don’t have time to put up with extra fees and expenses. They don’t care how much time it takes or what it costs. All they want is cash in hand and a house in their possession.

No matter what your reasons are for wanting to sell your home, you have to sell it with a cash offer if you want to get the best price and sell it fast. If you can’t do it with a standard transaction, then consider one of the following options. Either way will work just as well. Here are the top 5 reasons to sell your home for cash:

No Mortgage or Bad Credit. Many homeowners facing foreclosure are selling their home with financing already in place or simply paying the mortgage with a low interest rate. If this isn’t an option for you, consider selling your home quickly with no money down. Even with bad credit, you can most likely to sell your home quickly with the right options.

No repairs required. A cash offer on a house normally requires some kind of repair. But for a conventional home sale, you have a much shorter time frame to make those repairs. You’ll also be able to get the potential buyer to pay a premium price since repairs are almost always needed before a buyer will agree to take a chance on a home.

No Contingent Fees. Some sellers are concerned that they might be forced to cover any potential repairs that are necessary. But by choosing not to go with a contingency fee, you can save yourself thousands of dollars. Plus, there’s a big difference between a contingency fee and a flat fee that is charged when selling. These fees are typically lump sum amounts and require you to pay them up front even if you don t get as much money as anticipated.

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